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The Agile Approach: How to assemble a great Agile team

Welcome back to our delight Agile series. This time, I will spend a few words around “Skills”. A few days … Read More

Blockchain Saga: What is the Blockchain? – Chapter 2

Many definitions move around the Blockchain: Internet 4.0, Internet of transactions, decentralized registry, and so on. But the real question … Read More

High Frequency Trading Tutorial — Install Your First Bot

High frequency trading means using machine and algorithms to trade. There are some obvious upsides like trading in your sleep … Read More

ICOs – 5 Parameters to Find the Perfect ICO to Invest In

There has been a lot of interest lately for investing in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). The reason being that these … Read More

Blockchain Saga: the Birth and the Bitcoin history – Chapter 1

It’s been a few months since I got into the world of cryptocurrencies & Blockchain and I decided to formalize as much as possible … Read More

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