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Do banks really need a blockchain? Meet nano-blockchains!

The blockchain hype is high. Marketers will tell you it’s disruptive technology that will revolutionise the banking industry. It will change how people … Read More

Salesforce Vlocity: the JSONAttribute Tips and Tricks

Dear Salesforce readers, in this post I want to write about a Vlocity CPQ architecture component: the JSONAttribute. Most of … Read More

Shortcut Ninja: the ultimate Office Power Point slide making tool

Some days ago I discovered an awesome tool for making presentations: Shortcut Ninja. Shortcut What? Well, before telling you what … Read More

Salesforce: Filter Data Tables using Lightning Events

In earlier post “Salesforce: Building Responsive Tables with Lightning” we discovered how to build a data table in a Lightning … Read More

Salesforce: Lightning Design System in Visualforce

The Lightning Design System helps you to build a custom application extending the standard Lightning Experience. It maintains the same … Read More

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