Some days ago I discovered an awesome tool for making presentations: Shortcut Ninja. Shortcut What?

Well, before telling you what it is, I want to explain why I stumbled across it!

The Problem

I’m a consultant, and you can imagine the great amount of slides I need to make every week. A lot of people don’t like making presentations, but I think it is incredibly challenging. You must conceptualize a plenty of topics inside a single page as easily as possible. It’s very hard!

What I find dull is the formatting side of the work. In fact, I must align all the objects, distribute them, group and format texts and titles. Office Power Point provides a lot of commands to do this tedious work and I use some of them more than 50 times per slide (i.e.: align left/right/top/bottom, distribute horizontally/vertically, group, ungroup, format painter, etc.).

Unfortunately, Office Power Point does not provide easy shortcuts to access to these commands. So, I am obligated to click on the ribbon and waste a lot of time.

The Solution

Shortcut Ninja is the solution! An Office Power Point plugin with a configuration panel for setting your own shortcuts. Very simple and intuitive, it will save a lot of your time. You will become a slide maker ninja in 3 simple steps: download and install the plugin, configure the shortcuts for your favorite Office Power Point commands and start using it.

Download and install the plugin

You can download and try the plugin for free from All the instructions to install and configure it are reported on the website. Just click on “Download .zip” and then install the .msi file.

Once installed, launch Power Point and you will see a new tab “Shortcut Ninja”.

Configure the shortcuts

It’s very easy:

  1. Click on “Shortcut Ninja” Tab
  2. Click on “Shortcut Settings” from the Top Ribbon
  3. Click on the form next to the Command you want to configure
  4. Press the keyboard keys you want to set for your shortcut combo

Start using it

Once configured your favorite shortcuts (you can configure just a part of them if you prefer), you can start enjoying this amazing tool!


You can start using the plugin for free. You have 30 days to try it and understand if it is the right solution for you. Then you must decide if buying the license or not. The license cost is only 15 € una tantum (discounted price is 9,90 €). I think it’s pretty fair, considering that other similar solutions cost more than 20 € per license.

If you still have any doubts, take a minute to watch the tutorial video.

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Francesco Boccassi
Francesco Boccassi

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