Are you a Salesforce administrator/developer that is implementing a Community? This article can show you few interesting configuration that you can use for your specific customization.

What is a Salesforce Community?

Salesforce Community is an online platform that let collaboration between employees, customers and partners. Based on your requirements you can customize it as you prefer, creating fully-branded public or private communities that connect members directly with each other – and with relevant content, data and business processes. The Portal can be accessed by users that have login credentials or also from guest users if you want to public your platform to everyone.

Guest User

You may need to open your community to the web without requiring for login credentials. For example, you would like to build a portal that each one can use for looking your catalogue product finding articles/FAQ and also asking for support creating a case. After the publication of your portal, you have to enable the Public Access going to Builder-Settings-General-Public Access filling the specific checkbox.

Then you have to edit the Profile Permission for the guest user opening the specific section from Workspace-Administration-Pages-Go to Access Settings

Configure a favicon

If you are looking for adding a specific favicon on each page of your portal you can find the simple instruction in this section. The first step you have to do is creating a 16×16 png file with your logo; you can easily perform this operation using an online converter.

Then you have to add this little image into your Salesforce Org using the Documents object. Be sure you select the Externally Available Image during this step adding it to the Shared Documents Folder. Then you have to open your Builder and go to Settings-Advanced-Edit Head Markup and in the window opened you have to paste the following code

<link rel=”icon” href=”imageURL” type=”image/png”/>

where imageURL is the address of the image.png you have updated in Salesforce. You have to open the image and then click with the right mouse button selecting copy URLimage.

You publish your update and after refreshing of the page you can see the favicon in the browser tab that has replaced the Salesforce Cloud icon.

Next improvement

In next articles, I will introduce you additional improvements that can be useful for your customization.

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