Most people have the same Lightning Home Page in SalesForce. It is possible to customize it giving all that users need to manage their day.

There are two ways: customizing the existing Home Page or creating a new one from scratch.

Customize the existing Home Page

After logging into the Org, the user has to click on the Setup icon setup gear button and then click on ‘Edit Page’.


The column on the left is the components panel and it contains all the standard components available for the Lightning Home page.

At the center of the page there is the Home Page template where to place components.

The column on the right shows details and features of the page and their components.

Users can add and remove components to the home page using drag and drop.

Create a new Lightning Home Page

The Lightning experience gives users a quick and easy way to create a new Home Page from scratch.

After logging into the Org, click on the Setup icon setup gear button and then click on ‘Setup’; Look for ‘Lightning App Builder ‘in the ‘Quick find’ box and click on it.


Click on the ‘New’ button. A new window will be opened where users can choose which kind of page to customize.

Choose ‘Home Page’ and click ‘Next’.

Create a New Lightning Page

Rename the new Lightning page choosing a label, then click on ‘Next’ button.


It is possible to choose the Standard Home Page template or to clone a Salesforce Default page. Choose the Standard Home Page and click ‘Finish’.

New Home

Now, like for the editing of an existing page, users can add components to the home page using drag and drop.

Personalize the Lightning Home Page with favorites

Favorites let users quickly access important records, lists, groups, dashboards, and other frequently used pages in Salesforce.

Click the star button Favorites star to add a current page to favorites.


A highlighted star means that the user is on a favorite page; in order to remove a favorite, click on the highlighted star.

Favorites can’t be shared or edited by Salesforce admins, they are managed only by individual users. The maximum number of available favorites is 200.

Add the Utility Bar

The Utility Bar is a rectangular region shown in the footer region of the Lightning Home Page; it displays selected applications and its content is always visible.

The components added to the Utility Bar are always one click away and provide a great way to keep users focused and productive by allowing them to perform common tasks without having to navigate away from what they are doing.

In order to add the utility bar to your Salesforce app, click on the Setup icon setup gear button and then click on ‘Setup’.

Look for ‘App Manager’ in the ‘Quick Find’ box; now choose the app to customize and click on ‘Edit’ button.

App Manager

On the top bar, click on ‘Utility Bar’ and then click on ‘Add’ button.

Lightning Utility Bar

There are standard and custom items available for selection; in the following figure there are all the standards available:

Uility Bar Items

Once all the items are added, save changes and click on ‘Done’ button.

Now, visiting the customized app, the utility bar is available at the bottom of the page. Clicking on one of the options of the bar, a window popup will be displayed.

utility bar item popup

In conclusion, users can access the utility bar from any page within its respective App.

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